Despite sour ties Pakistan importing more tea from India



New Delhi, Aug. 16 (TNS): Despite sour relations between two countries, India export of tea to Pakistan is on rise, Indian media reported.

According to “The Hindu” report, India shipped larger quantities of tea to two neighbouring countries — China and Pakistan — in the first half of 2018, when overall tea exports increased to 112.1 million kg, from 107.1 million kg in the year earlier period.

According to data with the Tea Board, total earnings between January and June 2018 was Rs 2,177.1 crore, against Rs 2,091.8 crore a year earlier, although the unit (per kg) price of the commodity was marginally lower both in rupee and dollar terms this year.

Exports dropped to India’s single largest market — Russia, as also the CIS countries — which together imported 28.7 million kg against 31.2 million kg.

The opening up of the Chinese black tea market has thrown up opportunities for India. Exports to China, where India has been planning to take a delegation, rose to 4.4 million kg valued at Rs 77.1 crore in the first half, from 3.7 million kg and Rs 64.7 crore a year earlier.

India was able to score an increase in exports to Pakistan too — to 7.2 million kg from 4.8 million kg, valued at Rs 66.7 crore against Rs 52.1 crore. Unit price, however, fell from Rs108 per kg to Rs 92.8 per kg this year. Exports to Iran, a high value market, too rose from 10.9 million kg to 12.1 million kg.

Sujit Patro, secretary of the Indian Tea Association,, said that the improved exports scenario was linked to the various delegations that Tea Board and ITA had taken to countries such as Iran and Egypt during the year. Quite a few more are lined up over the next two months.

Mr. Patro said while China holds considerable potential, certain non-tariff barriers make entry difficult although Chinese youth were showing preference for the Indian brew.