Dialogue is ultimate mode of resolving disputes: FO


ISLAMABAD Jan 05 (TNS): Foreign Office spokesperson Dr Mohammad Faisal said Pakistan is clear and not confused like India which has put travel restraints on sportsmen and general public visiting for religious purposes.

Pakistan believes dialogue is the ultimate mode of resolving disputes, Faisal said while responding to questions by newsmen during the weekly press briefing in Islamabad.

To another question regarding India`s arms build-up, the spokesperson said Pakistan has always maintained that Anti Ballistic Missile systems entail instability in the region and provoke armed race.

He said Pakistan is desirous of peaceful neighbourhood in which countries utilize their resources for the betterment of the common man instead of squandering them in futile arms race.

He said Pakistan is fully committed to and has proposed to India some restraint measures to promote strategic stability.

To another question, Dr Faisal said neither any proposal was received nor was under consideration regarding a Chinese military base in Gwadar.

He said this is just fallacious propaganda against China Pakistan Economic Corridor and the development of Pakistan.