Disputes, divisions and internal differences harmful for the country’s prestige and integrity: Shahbaz


LAHORE, Jan 10 (TNS):  Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharief while terming disputes, divisions and internal differences harmful for the country’s prestige and integrity has urged that the current situation in Pakistan demands mutual consensus for which religious scholars have to play a key role.

He was addressing Mashaikh Convention 2018 here on Sunday organaised by Punjab Gov’t to create much needed communal harmony in the province and across the country in prevailing circumstances.

More than 150 Ullema and Mashaikh attended the convention held under the chairmanship of Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif. The worthy Mashaikh presented a number of suggestions for the promotion of religious harmony, tolerance and peace in society. The chief minister applauded these suggestions. Pir Riaz Hussain Shah of Jamaat-e-Ahl-e- Sunnat Pakistan prayed for the development and stability of the country. The ceremony was attended by the spiritual leaders of the famous mudaaris, mashaikh, gadi nasheen and sajjadgan of the Punjab.

Shehbaz Sharif in his address said Pakistan was created in the name of Islam and no one could remain a Muslim without having faith in finality of prophethood. He added that solution to the country’s problems lies in following the guidelines provided in the Quran and Sunnah.

He said It is essential that monasteries and shrines should spread the message of tolerance, endurance, worship, social welfare, justice, fair distribution of resources and patience,” he said.

He shared that faith on finality of prophethood and love for the holy prophet was the basis of religious identity and no Muslim could compromise on Khatm-e-Nabuwat (PBUH) and the entire nation was united in this regard.

Talking about US threats to Pakistan, Shehbaz said no head of state had ever talked about Pakistan the way US President Trump did recently. “Trump has wrongly accused Pakistan of deceiving them.” The US President has claimed that they gave $33 billion to Pakistan, but Pakistan ditched them.

The CM said Pakistani nation did not made sacrifices for dollars but for the peace of whole world. He said that it was unfortunate of Trump to use such words about Pakistan because Pakistani nation has made great sacrifices in the fight against terrorism. “No one should try to put the price of our sacrifices in dollars.”

He said that Pakistan could not afford chaos and anarchy in this point in time. “Disputes and divisions are harmful for the country’s prestige and integrity. The current situation demands national unity for which religious scholars have to play a key role,” he remarked.

The chief minister said that sit-ins halted national progress. “Sit-ins that started from 2012 have gravely damaged national economy, therefore, I request you all to refrain from engaging in this practice or supporting it.”

He said it was essential that monasteries and spiritual seats propagate the message of tolerance, endurance, worship, social welfare, justice, fair distribution of resources and patience. “Only by adopting this message our woes will end and Pakistan will truly become a welfare state.”

The chief minister further observed that faith in Khatim-un-Nabian (SAW) and love with him is the basis of our religious identity, social character and national stability. Staunch belief in finality of his (SAW)’s prophethood is an integral part and the basic component of our faith, he added.

He said it was also necessary to follow the true message of Islam regarding other religions. “To remain firm and not interfere in other’s religious matters is a golden rule that promotes tolerance and peace in the society.” Spreading of rumours about people of other faiths and inciting hate towards them was neither a service to the country nor to Islam, he added.

Provincial Law Minister Rana Sanaullah also addressed the Mashaikh Convention. He said that the faith in Khatam-e-Nabuwat was part of his faith and he considers Qadyanis non-Muslim for their disbelief in the finality of prophethood. The PML-N leadership and government were playing their part to protect this belief, he added.

Auqaf Minister Zaem Hussain Qadri said that Sufi-e-Karaam and Mashishkh-e-Uzzam have played a key role in the Pakistan Movement and they supported Quad-e-Azam in the struggle for a separate homeland for Indian Muslims.

“The way you religious scholars played a role in establishing Pakistan, you should make efforts for its progress also. We, the politicians, will keep seeking guidance from you,” he said.

The joint statement adopted at the end of the convention said that Ulema were well aware of the needs and demands of the national defence, and when needed, they will stand united as a bulwark. The statement further said Khatm-e-Nabuwwat (finality of prophethood) and love for Allah’s prophet was the base of their faith.

The statement said “All these religious leaders will always play their active role for national solidarity, domestic stability, sectarian harmony, and consolidation of the overall peace and security.

“We assure the whole nation through Punjab Government that all Durgaahs and Aastanas are well aware of the needs and demands of national defence, and when needed, we will stand united like a firm wall with the whole nation.”

The resolution also said that “faith in Khatim-un-Nabian [SAW] and love to him is the basis of our religious identity, social survival, and national stability”. The whole nation will always play its role in the defence of the finality of prophethood, which is a basic creed of the Muslims, it added.