Dr Asim’s plea to take off name from ECL rejected; Iqbal Z Khan allowed going abroad


Karachi, June 05 (TNS): Sindh High Court on Monday rejected former Petroleum Minister  Dr Asim’s petition seeking removal of name from the exit control list (ECL).

A division beach of the SHC headed by Justice Hassan Azhar Rizvi rejected Dr Asim’s petition seeking removal of name from the Exit Control List (ECL).

Earlier, two member bench of the SHC headed by Justice Junaid Ghaffar had reserved the judgment on May 26.

The petition said the court that Dr. Asim wants to proceed outside the court for medical treatment and ask the court to order his name be removed from the ECL.

Dr Asim Hussain’s name was included in the ECL on November 24, 2015 over the many cases against him under hearing at various courts and his name was added again into the ECL on April 6, 2017 on the order of the Sindh High Court.

Dr Asim Hussain had moved Sindh High Court in early April 2017 for removal his name from Exit Control List in order to allow his travel abroad for medical treatment. He had stated in his petition that a medical board had recommended that he undergo spinal surgery abroad.

Hussain was released from a sub-jail set up for him at the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre on March 31, after spending a little over 19 months in detention.

On April 18, SHC allowed co-accused, in Dr Asim corruption case, Iqbal Z. Khan to go abroad. Khan, who is one of the co-accused in corruption case against PPP leader Dr Asim Hussain, had plead the court to return his passport and allow him to go abroad to China  and Middle East for business affairs.

On May 26 the SHC had rejected PPP leader and former Petroleum Minister Dr Asim Hussain’s plea regarding power of attorney relating to his properties abroad.

Dr. Asim is out on bail, has requested the SHC to allow him to transfer powers regarding his properties in foreign countries to his son.

Federal government and National Accountability Bureau have opposed the plea of Dr Asim to transfer power of attorney in his son’s name.

A two-member bench headed by Justice Junaid Ghaffar had heard the application.

The court after hearing arguments of Dr Asim counsel and law officer of Federal Government and NAB prosecutor rejected the application. It is to be mentioned here that the court had granted bail to Dr Asim on health ground in the corruption case and allowed him to a go abroad for treatment. Currently, Dr Asim is facing several corruption and criminal case.