Egyptian woman to divorce husband over shawarma


Cairo, Feb. 18 (TNS): An Egyptian woman has decided to divorce her husband as he refused to buy her shawarma wrap, Arab media reported on Sunday.

The couple had been married for just forty days but the arguments about the husband’s stinginess arose.

Sameeha returned to her family and instantly filed a divorce which was now at an Egyptian court, which is expected to give verdict in coming weeks.

According to Masrawy, the woman said: “We had a traditional arranged marriage; I only knew him for two months before the wedding and never noticed how stingy he was.”

She was also quoted as saying that, “During the first week of our marriage, he told me that he hates going out anywhere because that would be a waste of money.”

According to details, the husband had refused to buy her a shawarma wrap as he already bought juice for her. On forcing him to get shawarma, he accused Sameeha of exploiting his wealth.