Eight, including LEAs personnel, injured in successive bomb blasts in Chaman


CHAMAN Jan 01 (TNS): Around eight people, including police and Levies officials, were injured on Monday morning in back to back bomb blasts on Chaman’s Mall Road.

According to the police, the first blast occurred near the office of the Special Branch on Mall Road in which one person was injured.

In the second blast, which occurred near a police picket, around seven people were injured, including three police and Levies officials.

The injured have been shifted to a hospital.

A police vehicle, motorcycle and rickshaw were damaged in the blast.

Law enforcement agencies reached the site after the blast and began a search operation.

The Mall Road has been closed for traffic and further investigations are under way. The exact nature of the blasts has yet to be ascertained.

Today’s incident marks the New Year’s first recorded case of terrorism.