Faisalabad girl gang-raped by Punchayat members


Faisalabad, Dec. 28 (TNS): In a horrifying act, a woman who married a man of her own choice was raped repeatedly by three members of a panchayat (village council).

One of the three accused was arrested while a search is underway for the two men who remain at large.

The eighteen-year-old, who is a resident of Faisalabad’s tehsil Tandlianwala, said in a press conference that her father had brought her back home after mediation by the village council following her marriage against her family’s will.

The council members had promised the girl’s father-in-law that she would be given away by her family in a proper ceremony, but later, held her captive and the accused Saif, Nasir, and Aijaz raped her

The woman later managed to escape captivity to reach home.