Fanatic Yogi Gov’t orders Inquiry against UP school for showing Zakir Naik ‘an important Islamic personality’ in a text book


LUKHNOW, Jan 13 (TNS): The education department in Uttar Pradesh has ordered an inquiry after an image of preacher Zakir Naik was shown as “an important Islamic personality” in a book published by an Aligarh school, a media report said today.

Uttar Pradesh education department has ordered an inquiry and issued a show cause notice to the school in this regard, reported The Times of India.

The text book, ‘Ilm-un-Nafe’ is, incidentally, not a part of the syllabus of Islamic Mission School in Masud Nagar of Aligarh, said the report.

Quoting Dhirendra Kumar Yadav, an official of the education department, the report said that a three-member inquiry committee has been set up to inquire into the matter.

“The committee has been given a week’s time to submit its report. The process of cancelling the recognition of the school will be initiated after receiving the report,” said Yadav.

Kaunain Kausar, manager of the school, who compiled the book, said the allegations being leveled against them were baseless.

“There is no separate chapter on Zakir Naik in the book. This general awareness book was published in 2015, when there was nothing against Naik. This was the old edition and now it has been modified,” the report mentioned Kaunsar as having said.

In November 2017, the NIA had registered a case against Naik at its Mumbai branch under various sections of the Indian Penal Code and Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.

Naik’s Mumbai-based NGO, Islamic Research Foundation (IRF), has been declared an “unlawful association” by the Government of India.