Federal cabinet decides to establish task forces to bring back money



ISLAMABAD, Sept. 5 (TNS): The federal cabinet on Wednesday decided to establish task forces to bring back money illegally stashed abroad and improve the education system in the country.

Prime Minister Imran Khan chaired the meeting of the federal cabinet at the PM House. The cabinet reviewed an eight-point agenda and important decisions were taken during the meeting.

Following the meeting, Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry held a press conference detailing the 8-point agenda.

Chaudhry said the cabinet has decided to establish a task force to bring back money which illegally stashed abroad by Pakistanis. A unit has been established at the Prime Minister House to overlook the process of bringing back money from abroad, he said.

The task force will submit a report to the prime minister and Supreme Court every two weeks, he added.

The information minister also announced a reward of Rs20 million by the government for anyone who identifies a Pakistani illegally owning property worth Rs1 billion abroad.

The names of whistle-blowers would not be disclosed, added Barrister Shahzad Akbar who flanked the information minister during the press conference.

Chauhdry said the cabinet has also decided to establish a task force to improve the education system across the country.

He said Minister of Federal Education and Heritage Shafqat Mehemood would head the task force.

Chaudhry assured that private school fees would be reduced and provincial governments would be asked to streamline it.

He said that basic education would be provided in madrassahs (seminaries) and that all schools, including madrassahs, would follow the same curriculum. Provincial governments would be given a stake in formulation of the curriculum, he added.

The prime minister has also given his approval to ban corporal punishment in schools, Chaudhry added.

Approval was given for measures to be taken to safeguard the rights of children and ensure that there is no child labour or incidents of abuse of children

The information minister further announced that the cabinet gave approval to abolish discretionary funds of ministries and divisions.

Discretionary funds worth Rs80 billion have been abolished, he said and added that this money will go back to the Parliament.

PM has taken notice of the loss in national exchequer owing to the delay in completion of Tarbela Dam project

The information minister further said that the cabinet has decided to take measures to improve relations with overseas Pakistanis.