Firdus Ashiq Awan faces protest in Sialkot


Sialkot, June 5 (TNS): Hundreds of people staged protest against former federal minister Firdus Ashiq Awan for allegedly insulting “Aaraien” community.

People belong to community were holding banners against Firdus Ashiq Awan and demanded an unconditional apology.

The protesters also chanted slogans against ex-PPP leader who recently joined Imran Khan’s PTI.

People chanted “Loti” “Loti” slogans when Awan’s vehicle passed through the area of protest while administration hardly barred protesters from lobbing tomatoes and eggs on her car.

Local PTI leaders in Sialkot have openly opposed Imran Khan decision to embrace Firdus Ashiq Awan in party who is allegedly involved in corruption.

Here are some Exclusive Footage of this Protest courtesy by TNS: