Foreign media appreciates Pakistani volunteers helping coronavirus affectees


Islamabad: March 31, 2020 (TNS): Foreign media is appreciating Pakistani volunteers helping the people affected by partial lockdown in the wake of coronavirus outbreak in the country.

According to a report carried by America’s National Public Radio, Ahsan Pirzada, who ran a law firm in Islamabad, decided to act when low-wage people lost their jobs due to shutdown of businesses.

Ahsan Pirzada raised thousands of dollars through his friends and Facebook acquaintances to buy food. He converted his office into a storehouse and made ration packs with flour, rice, sugar, lentils, milk and cooking oil. He delivered the food packs to a nearby slum.

Like Pirzada, Corona Solidarity Campaign and the Robin Hood Army also distribute food. A Pakistani nonprofit organization, The Citizens Foundation, does the same but on scale, using its network of 1,600 low-cost schools to aid 700 villages and slums.

One woman, Irum Mumtaz, set up a quarantine ward for a public hospital, run by volunteers. An entrepreneur, Umer Hussain, makes free protective suits for medics.


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