Gavi praises Pakistan’s vaccines and immunization programmes


GENEVA , June 20 (TNS): Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (Gavi) has advised developed nations to follow Pakistan in improving their system of immunity injections and vaccination.

Gavi’s board meeting was held in Switzerland’s Geneva city. Among the 78 countries, Pakistan came out the only country entitled to receive the financial aid and has been obtaining it for the past several years.

Pakistan’s Director General Health Dr Asad Hafeez while giving a detailed presentation informed the members that Pakistan has been successful in bringing worthy improvement in vaccination programmes during the past three years as a result of Giva’s financial assistance.

He told that technology platforms like E-Vac and Cold Chain Equipment Optimization have been initiated in Pakistan through which vaccines and injections have been kept safe and their supply and availability system has been enhanced. Dr Asad Hafeez said that the main part of vaccination programme is that of polio which has seen remarkable progress in the last two years. He notified that Pakistan is soon to become a polio free country. It is pertinent to mention here that earlier the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (Unicef) praised Pakistan’s role in tackling polio disease.