Girl allegedly Gang-raped by CDA employees in F-9 park


Islamabad, August 8 (TNS): In another heinous incident, a girl was subjected to gang-rape in F-9 park Islamabad by Capital Development Authority employees and guards of the park administration on August 2.

According to Margalla police, the girl has stated in her application that security guards and other employees of CDA saw her with a male friend and tried to harass her and threaten her on her immoral behavior.

According to the girl, the CDA employees threatened that boys and girls are not allowed in the park without their families and we are bound to handover them to the police.

The CDA authority empoloyees said that if she did not listen to them, then they will handover her to the police as well.

However, the CDA employees accepted a bribe of Rs 2,000 and asked the girl to leave the park through hidden exit route in a jungle.

But instead the guard along with other employeess made her a victim of their heinous desires and threatened to kill her as well.

The police registered an FIR on application of the girl against the accused and arrested one suspect.