Good relations between Pakistan, India would help local industry: Saima Azhar


Islamabad, July 22 (TNS): Pakistan’s ‘Miss photogenic’ titled by Veet, Saima Azhar has said that a good relation between Pakistan and India will be beneficial for local showbiz industry.
“We all should work for peace between the two countries and art is the best tool to deliver this message, Saima Azhar said in an exclusive interview to Times International News Service (TNS).

The emerging artist started her modeling career after winning Veet title in 2011 contest and her energetic work shows that she is a hardworking, passionate and honest person. She did a certification on acting in 2016 from Anupam Kher institute, Mumbai.
As she wants to pursue in acting, while film is her final ambition.

“I keep my work outside my home but sometimes the work stress follows me till home”, she said while talking about her tight schedules.
“I never have had issues with managers or assistants, but initially it was difficult to find a reliable and dedicated manager, but once I got on track, all is smooth”, she added.
“Only problems I face is when the managers are not organized and delay the work, due to my busy schedules delay in assignment, really has impact on other commitments. My expertise on self anger management helps me to tackle such issues, yes I am hyper but so far I have managed to keep a control on me. Saima told TNS.

“When there is a lots of stress, I do prayer, also spa, head and feet massage helps me in relief she relied on the stress of busy schedules and long hours jobs”, she went on to say.
On monetary subject, Saima Azhar said that her charges depend on the projects, looking into the depth of the exposure and benefits, decide the fee each time.
“I Love to work in family environment and help new talent in terms of performance and contacts as everyone has own serendipity. I feel happy to help others”, she said.
“After choosing the career, life’s most difficult decision is about marriage, it involves another person and family in your life, which is not an easy pick”, Saima told TNS when asked when she getting married.
When asked that is her greatest strength, she replied: “My greatest strength is my confidence, when I communicate, I have a power to shake the opponent and that can be seen on ramp, in my eyes and my face, I am a dominating personality but without attitude. Otherwise I am a very loving person, when I love, I give everything, spiritually and financially, she said.

“My greatest weakness comes out of my strength, as I am very giving and mostly people take advantage of that and leave me hurt and stressed, all the baggage’s keep rolling on my shoulders and back, Ishould not be that giving, there should be a balance, life means learning and I trust people very easily”, she added to query about her weakness.
“I know how to manage situations and know how to find solutions smartly during jobs and blame games goes later on, its hopes, dreams and money of team”, she told TNS.
Saima said that she is a good swimmer as well and can rip the water waves to reach her goals and become example for others with focused work.
“Showbiz is full of mess, everyone has issues with everyone, politics is in every industry, when you face issues you learn, and makes you a star, I believe in keep moving and never get stuck, Saima told TNS.
Saima is a very romantic by nature, love beaches, music & adventure.