Good work done by district west police, recover Iranian diesel 22000 liters


Karachi, Jan. 21 (TNS): Manghopir Police stopped a dumper No.TLW-698 loaded with concrete and in searching found hidden box fill with Iranian diesel total 22000 liters. Accused tried smuggling of Iranian Diesel through loaded dumper which was successfully smashed.

Police said the culprits used a unique technique to smuggle the diesel. They were carrying the diesel in hidden tanks made in dumpers of sand and gravel.

They said West Zone police busted the attempt of smuggling in Manghopir. “The outlaws were carrying 22000 litres of diesel in the tanks,” said SSP Shoukat Khatyan.

Last year in September an investigation report revealed that four senior policemen acted as facilitators of powerful smugglers bringing in goods worth millions in Karachi illegally.

SSP West sent an investigation report to Additional IG Karachi after a crackdown against smugglers bringing in Iranian diesel, Chhalia (betel nut) and other goods illegally.

The report said that the District West police seized at least 27 vehicles containing 83000 liters of Iranian diesel and patrol while 16600 kilograms of Chhalia was also seized and suspects were booked.