GOP has replaced Risk Allowance with Law and Order Allowance for Police


Lahore 16 August (TNS): Punjab Govt has introduced a new allowance for Punjab Police officials under the title “Police Law and Order Allowance” in place of “ Risk Allowance” with the effect from 01-07-2017.

In a notification issued by police Department, dated 15 Aug 17, it is said that in pursuance of approval of Chief Minister Punjab and concurrence of Finance Department Govt of Punjab, sanction is hereby accorded that Risk allowance, being drawn by the officers/officials of Punjab Police,is abolished and a new allowance titled as “Police Law and Order Allowance” is granted with effect from 01-07-2017. However the rate of both the allowances will remain the same. Fixed Daily Allowance (FDA) admissible on 30-06-17 will continue on the same rate.

Police officials Under suspension, made OSD’s and directed to report Police lines/Police Headquarters for inefficiency, misconduct and indiscipline and those who are on leave for four months ,may it be for study or training, will not be admissible for the above mentioned new allowance.

Employees of City Traffic Police (CTP) and Punjab Highway Petrol (PHP) also won’t be eligible to benefit from that allowance.