GOP must fulfill promise to release all pending refunds, rebate claims of exporters


ISLAMABAD Feb 19 (TNS): “The Government’s assurance to release all pending refunds and rebates by 15th February, 2018 again turned as an eye wash as exporters’ refund worth billions of rupees still yet to be released. Exports cannot be increased with mere lip service but actually requires practical steps and measures by the Government to facilitate exporters. The Government must fulfill its promises and immediately release of refunds of Pending Sales Tax Refunds, Customs Rebates and DDT Claims.”

This was stated by Chairman, Pakistan Apparel Forum, Muhammad Jawed Bilwani.

Bilwani highlighted that approximately Rs.200 billion of the Exporters are held up by the Government in Pending Sales Tax Refund Claims, Customs Rebate Claims, DLTL & DDT Claims, Income Tax Refunds. The Government instead of giving statements of hope should pass immediate Orders to instantly release payment of refund claims so that exporters could be relieved in these most difficult times when they are facing the severest ever liquidity crunch otherwise Government’s hard efforts to increase exports will go in vain as inordinate delays in textile exports refunds have severely hampered the pace of industrial growth and export efficiency.

He articulated that textile export sector is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy earns major amount of foreign exchange and revenue for the Government. Besides, the sector is also labor-intensive and largest employment provider and generator, especially for women workers.

He focused that to overcome the challenges, to provide an enabling business environment in country and to create level playing field for textile exporters it is crucial that the Government, instead of lip-service, must take practical steps and measures to facilitate the textile export industry in real sense while according priority to resolve their issues and problems and immediately release long pending refunds of textile exporters.