Govt introduced initiatives leading Pakistan to welfare state: PM


Kuala Lumpur: Feb 04, 2020 (TNS): Prime Minister Imran Khan says he is pursuing the vision of the founding fathers of the country to make Pakistan a real welfare state.

Speaking at Institute of Strategic and International Studies in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Tuesday, he said the vision of the founding fathers of Pakistan was based on the principle of the first Muslim state of Madina, which had been built on the principles of justice and compassion.

He said Madina became the first welfare state of the history of mankind where rule of law prevailed.

The Prime Minister said his government has introduced various initiatives leading Pakistan to a welfare state.

He said we have started first time health insurance for weaker section of the society and six million families have been given health insurance. He said 200 shelter homes have been set up in the country to provide roof and food to the homeless people. He said a big amount has been allocated for poverty alleviation, and several initiatives, including cash handout, skill development, loans, and scholarships, are being launched under Ehsas programme to uplift the lower strata of the society.

The Prime Minister said his government is committed to establish rule of law and fight the mafias, which made the rich richer and the poor poorer.

The Prime Minister regretted that Islamophobia grew in the world due to ineffective efforts of the Muslim leadership to counter it. He said the Muslim leadership should have effectively presented the true image of Islam, which has no connection with terrorism. He said Pakistan, Malaysia and Turkey have agreed on efforts to correct the image of Islam inusing media so that not only the Western world but the Muslim children also know about the real history and face of Islam.