Govt revises prices of petroleum products due to global ‘rising oil prices’


Islamabad: June 27, 2020 (TNS): The Government has decided to revise the existing prices of petroleum products in view of the rising oil prices trend in global market.

According to a notification issued by the Finance Division, the prices of petrol have been increased by Rs. 25.58 per liter and the new prices will be 100.10 rupees, High Speed Diesel increased by 21.31 rupees and the new prices will be Rs101.46.

The prices of Kerosene Oil have been increased by 23.50 rupees per liter and the new prices will be Rs. 59.06 whereas Light Diesel Oil prices have been increased by Rs. 17.84 per liter and the new prices will be 55.98 rupees.

The new prices have been implemented from today.

Meanwhile, Minister for Petroleum, Omar Ayub Khan has said that surge in the prices of petroleum products has been made because of the sharp increase of oil prices at the international market during the last month.

In a Tweet, he said the international prices of oil have risen sharply in the last month causing the weakness of rupee by Rs2 to Rs3.

He said the calculation increase for petrol was 31.58 rupees per liter, but the government increased it by only 25.58 rupees per liter.

Similarly, for Diesel, calculation increase was 24.31 rupees per liter, but it was increased by Rs21.31 per liter.

Omar Ayub said the petrol prices in Pakistan are still the lowest in the Sub-continent by a wide margin.