Govt to extend full support to media: PM


Islamabad, Oct 17 (TNS): Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that government will extend its full support to media for promotion of democracy, good governance, ensuring transparency and merit.

Talking to a delegation of All Pakistan Newspapers Society in Islamabad, he said media has played an important role in conveying the ideology of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf to the masses and making it a success.

The Prime Minister said PTI has not grown in any incubation center and its has attained this position after a struggle of twenty two years.

He said media is the opinion maker of society and it would have to play its role to protect the country.

He said Pakistan was pushed into debt-trap during the last ten years and the country’s debts increased from six trillion rupees to 30 trillion rupees.

The Prime Minister said the government is conducting audit of 30 trillion rupees loans so that it could be traced out where the money was spent and which projects were materialized from those loans.

He said the FIA has unearthed several fake accounts and the government is bound to rectify that situation.

Imran Khan said current foreign remittances of the country are around 40 billion dollars, out of which only 20 billion dollars are being received through banking channels, which would be enhanced to 30 billion dollars. He said the present government is taking concrete steps to block money laundering.

The Prime Minister said a strategy is being formulated for the payment of arrears of media, pending since the previous governments, so that the problems of newspaper industry could be resolved.