Group led by a Mufti demands 2.5mn ransom for possession of a plot: complaints a citizen


ISLAMABAD, May 01 (TNS): A resident of Tipu Road Rawalpindi has submitted a complaint against a Mufti led group for stopping him to take the possession of his plot at Gori Town for 2.5 million as ransom.
Ab. Hameed in his complaint has said that he along with his friends went to the plot on 22 April, in the meanwhile Mufti yousuf, Zia ur Rehman, Ishtiaq ur Rehman and Ilyas Hammad along with automatic weapons came there and started demolishing the boundary wall of the plot.

According to the complainant the intruders attacked them when they were prohibited to demolish the wall and during the scuffle one of the friends of complainant received injuries.
The complainant while apprising about the dispute has maintained that the Mufti as a mediator and his above mentioned people had summoned him in a local Masjid, where he was asked to submit 2.5 million if he wants the possession of the plot which according to him wasn’t acceptable for him.
The complainant has asked stern action against above mentioned people.