HAK Productions hasn’t spared even Sher Miandad Khan


ISLAMABAD JULY 20 (TNS): A renowned folk singer Sher Mian Dad Khan also known as Sher Miandad Khan has also got embroiled in a vulgar videos case, a plan to trap young students by HAK Productions based at Bahria Town Islamabad, having offices at several places in the twin cities.

The students are being exploited by this production house in the name of introducing the latest kind of modeling in town by offering them lucrative packages. Such activities highlighted by the media are very much against the purpose of the creation of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the authorities should take immediate action to stop them.

The production house probably has a serious fetish for vulgar activities. The scandal is turning out to be one of most shocking scandals of all time and seems to be an attempt at tarnishing Sher Miandad Khan’ clean-cut image.

His famous song was included in the said vulgar video, thus disgracing him. In a video statement he said that he has been receiving threats. Will this scandal, like a stubborn stain, will live on as a part of his tainted reputation or he will come out of it unscathed. All depends on the steps to be taken by the FIA.

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan had assured to take action on the issue but regrettably the promise has not been fulfilled so far. He had ordered the DG FIA to tackle the matter but FIA has failed to comply with the order of the interior minister.

Let it be known here that Qazi Muhammad Nazeef, an advocate High Court Islamabad, has filed a case in the Islamabad High Court on the TNS World report regarding the production house named HAK trapping the students of the colleges and universities in the name of introducing latest trend in modeling in the country. FIA, Interior Ministry has been made party to the case.

Sher Mian Dad Khan also known as Sher Miandad Khan born in 1968 in Pakpattan, is a famous qawwal and a folk singer. He started his qawwali group in 1996. He adopted qawwali singing as his family tradition.

His grandfather Din Mohammad Qawwal (Dina Qawwal) was a renowned qawwal of India and Pakistan. He learned music from his father Ustad Miandad Khan.

He is a cousin of renowned qawwal Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Sher Mian Dad is the younger brother of another popular Pakistani qawwal Badar Ali Khan also known as Badar Miandad Qawwal.

Sher Mian Dad Khan has given his qawwali performances of sufiana kalam at many international music fairs and shows in the United States, India, and Singapore etc.

His qawwali group has performed in Geneva, Switzerland and Oslo, Norway and has won some international music awards.

When will the city fathers protect the youth, who constitute the backbone of the country, against the nefarious elements working secretly to destroy them by involving them in vulgar activities?

The TNS ii not jumping the gun to hand the said production house a guilty sentence before criminal charges are filed. But whether it is guilty or not, the folk singer journey is halted. Even if Sher Miandad is found to be innocent, his clean-cut image has already been tarnished by lurid details of the promiscuous video.