Headway has been made in the long overdue computerisation of internal as well as service delivery of CDA


Islamabad: February 24, 2020 (TNS): In this context subsequent to meeting of the committee formed by ECC on litigation between MOIT and LMKR.

This project of office Automation in CDA, which was stalled since last 12 years, as the software provider had not fulfilled the commitment as per agreement signed by tri-party. The vendor has been required to give an undertaking of fulfilling all requirements and the same will be updated and delivered to end user that is CDA.

Completion of the project will take 4-6 months so that last three deliverables are made available.

CDA Financial system software is now nearing deployment stage. Software provider has agreed to arrange latest software version of all financial system. This would lead to automation by end of this finical year. For first time balance sheet and profit and loss statement will be prepared.

Similarly the service delivery of all products of CDA shall also be lined up till June 2020. All HR and filing system will finally be automated.

These interventions will ensure paperless working environment and real-time financial updates. The benefit would eventually pass on to public