High time to politely, gratefully refuse US assistance: Shehbaz Sharif


LAHORE Aug. 25 (TNS): Responding to US President Donald Trump’s hard line strategy on Afghanistan and Pakistan Chief Minister of Punjab Shehbaz Sharif said that the nation must politely close the chapter on US assistance to save face.

CM Shehbaz Sahrif, the (PML-N) leader tweeted on Friday: “It is time for Pakistan to politely and gratefully close the chapter on US assistance so that the bilateral relationship can be freed from the shadow of contemptuous taunts”.

In another tweet he stated that “We must view current geopolitical and security challenges faced by Pakistan as an unprecedented opportunity to begin to define truly sovereign and independent vision of its future in line with the ideals of its founding fathers,”

“Pakistanis have already rendered enough sacrifices in man and material for achievement of shared objectives of terror-free and peaceful world.” Shehbaz added in another tweet.

In a statement Shehbaz said that Pakistani people want to be treated “fairly, honorably and justly” and want a peaceful and prosperous world. Although the US and other countries have helped the country to improve various sectors, including health, education and others, “no country should see their generosity as a justification to make unfair accusations and demands on the Pakistani people,” said Shehbaz.

Accusing Pakistan of “harboring terrorists”, the US president, earlier this week, announced 4,000 new troops for deployment to Afghanistan, backtracking from his earlier promise to end America’s longest war.