Hindu girl dies in Sanghar under mysterious circumstances


SANGHAR, Sep 21 (TNS): A teenage girl from the Hindu community died under mysterious circumstances in Sanghar, police said on Thursday.

According to the deceased’s family, Radha Bheel died on Tuesday, September 19, at the house of a factory owner where she used to work as a maidservant. The girl’s brother registered a murder case with Sanghar police against Seth Ratan , Radha’s employer ,  who is yet to be apprehended.

Mitho Bheel,  a human rights activist who is pursuing the victim’s family’s case,  alleged that it is a case of murder but the medico-legal officer (MLO) had writtenit off as suicide.

However, police have registered a case under Section 302 of the Pakistan Penal Code on the complaint of Senior Superintendent of Police Sanghar Farrukh Lanjar, who also claimed that so far, it appears to be a case of suicide.

“According to MLO, she was breathing when she was brought to the hospital with her neck bone broken”, he said, while adding that the case will still remain open and all possible scenarios will be taken into account.

He confirmed that no arrests have been in the case as yet, while adding that the suspects in the case have absconded after the FIR was registered against them.

According to SSP Lanjar, the evidence revealed that the girl wanted to marry her cousin but could not do so, as the Bheel community does not allow for marriages between cousins, which could have led Radha to commit suicide.

He added that the MLO had refused to share the post mortem medical exam report with the police. According to the SSP, Radha’s father had dropped her off at the Seth’s house in the morning as per routine. However, when he arrived to pick her up in the evening, the family told him that Radha had fever and was taken to hospital.

Upon their arrival at the hospital, the family found that Radha had died under mysterious circumstances, the SSP concluded.