‘Human Rights Reel’ film festival in full swing


ISLAMABAD, Dec 5 (TNS):To celebrate the International Human Rights Day, the Delegation of the European Union and the United Nations in Pakistan organized 5th edition of the ‘Human Rights Reel’ Film Festival taking place from December 1 to 10 December 2019.

The 5th edition of the Human Rights Reel Film Festival (HRRFF) is a presentation of over 27 films and documentaries and a forum to exchange ideas on human rights issues around the globe.

The 5th edition, featuring themes such as freedom of expression, gender equality, minority rights, access to justice, climate change, minority rights, domestic violence and death penalty.

The film festival was led by the EU and the UN Pakistan in partnership with a large number of its member states from the EU and the UN, Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services, The Centaurus Cineplex, educational and cultural institutions. The strength of this festival was the joint work of the partners which have grown considerably in number during the past editions.

One of the main shared goals of ‘Human Rights Reel Film Festival’ was to increase knowledge of human rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights among Pakistani audience especially students through a creative medium like film. The aim of this festival was to create cross-cultural understanding and stimulate
In order to reach out to wide audiences, the festival is engaging general public, university students, media, government institutions, filmmakers, human rights defenders and international community through screenings which will be followed by discussions. The festival is traveling to nine cities in Pakistan including Rawalpindi, Lahore, Gujrat, Multan, Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar, Charsada and Islamabad with multiple screenings in each city.