Hurriyat leaders appeal Kashmiris to come on streets


Srinagar, Aug 16 (TNS): In Occupied Kashmir, Hurriyat leaders have appealed to the civil society of Kashmir Valley, Jammu and Kargil including lawyers, journalists, traders, transporters to come out on streets and raise their voice for their inalienable right to self-determination.

In a joint statement issued in Srinagar, they urged the people to protest against the Indian nefarious design to change the special status of Jammu and Kashmir.

Hurriyat forums reiterated that Kashmiris will not allow Hindu fundamentalists to enter their motherland.

Hurriyat forum appealed to the people to defy curfew and restrictions.

They maintained that Jammu and Kashmir is the land of Kashmiris who will decide their future themselves.

They further added that the Kashmiris have the capacity to save their mothers, sisters and daughters from the onslaught of Hindu zealots.

They also urged the international community to intervene without any further delay and come to the rescue of Kashmiris.