Identity Card issue for Bengali Pakistani must be resolved at once: Nusrat Wahid


KARACHI Jan 09 (TNS): Tehreek e Insaf women’s wing Sindh President Nusrat Wahid , while meeting the delegation of the Bengali Community headed by Alisha Naz and others said that the Government must resolve at once the issue of National Identity Cards, passports and other issues.

The Bengali Pakistani’s are residing in Pakistan since a long time and they are now facing the problem in obtaining the National Identity Cards as well as the Passports, It appears that deliberately hindrance is being created for the innocent Bengali Community.

When East and West Pakistan was one Country even at that time more than 3.5 million Bengalis were residing in West Pakistan. Deliberately in the name of Democracy Pakistan was dismembered by the immature politicians.

During the war in 1971 millions of Bengali Muslims opted for Pakistan, they were giving full support to the Pakistan army during the war, they had always been loyal to Pakistan, and now they are facing the problem in obtaining the National Identity Cards and Passports. Lots of Bengali Pakistani are facing hardship and leading a miserable life in the Camps of Bangladesh, they are the victims of Loyalty with Pakistan.

The MQM in order to get the votes during the Election made false promises with the Bihari & Bengali Community and gave big speeches and published news in the newspapers but practically they did nothing.

During the Election in order to obtain votes from the Bihari & Bengali Communities the MQM had promised to eliminate the Quota System and had also promised to take drastic action for the betterment of the Stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh, But sorry to say that the MQM did nothing.