Impersonator police inspector held


Islamabad June 1 (TNS): The Islamabad police on Wednesday arrested a police inspector impersonating himself as Senior Superintendent of Police. The police also recovered uniform and forged identification documents from the inspector, identified as Tahir Khaili.

Khaili of Sindh police is working in the Islamabad police on deputation, police told TNS

The police said that they arrested the “fake SSP” on a complaint of officials of the Prime Minister’s House, as complainants had approached the high-ups that the police inspector (mostly in civvies) was looting citizens while impersonating himself as the senior police officer in the name of body or bag search.

A police officer said that only police officials in uniform could stop and search people. He said that plain officials wearing plain clothes can only search people if they were accompanied by uniform wearing on-duty police officials.

“If a citizen is stopped by a police official in civvies, they should immediately contact the police,” said the officer when asked how such incidents can be tackled.