Imran Khan claims his money trail is complete


Islamabad, July 23 (TNS): Rejecting all allegations of money laundering and tax evasion, Imran Khan claimed that he has filed a complete money trail in the top court.

Speaking to media persons, chief of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf said that he had earned money from outside of the country and brought it back to Pakistan to purchase Bani Gala land to build his residence.

Khan said that he have been paying his taxes on a regular basis added that he had declared his London apartment from beginning.

The cricketer turned politician lashed out at ruling party blaming that Nawaz government is using a private media house to making propaganda against him, a clear reference towards Geo and Jang Group.

Khan said with its puppet media group, rulers are giving an impression that his money trail was not complete but reality is otherwise as he has provided all the pertinent documents in the apex court.

PTI chief, on occasion, showed numerous records to show his money trail added that Jemimah had sent money from London to Pakistan after selling London flat.

Rejecting Khawaja Asif blames against his cancer hospital and terming them as baseless, Imran Khan said that public trusted him with their money.