Independence cup, role of Punjab Govt commendable


ISLAMABAD, 15 Sep (TNS): Revival of international cricket in Pakistan is a big success of which can easily be witnessed by the jubilance of the people of Pakistan. It indeed is a success of national level and the credit of PCB can’t be taken away but the big hand offered by Punjab Govt has actually made the dream come true.

The blend of foolproof security arrangements being instrumental of ease and guidance at the same time has made it something fascinating. Apart from the deployment of different security agencies, fire engines, rescue 1122 ambulances and a big trailer like mobile hospital appropriately placed is easily providing sense of security to the lovers of cricket.

You don’t have to worry about your car if u wanna go to watch international players in action in Pakistan after eight long years of miserable wait. There is a car parking for u, men employed to help park and keep watch your car. A bus is there to take u to stadium and vice versa. The buses do also depict the culture of Pakistan with colors and pictures painted on them.

The inspiring thing is that the atmosphere not only is the hassle free for all but women friendly in particular. Women police is deployed there to provide firsthand information besides checking in the booths with the words ‘help desk’ written on it.

Those who have watched the matches between Pakistan and world xi do express their satisfaction by saying that the arrangements needed to honor the international players and facilitation of crowd have been made.

The main part of this saga is to honor the foreign players. A gigantic billboard with the photos of all these players say ‘’we the people of Lahore welcome you. To treat them with traditional hospitality and making them aware about the characteristics of our nationality, the Punjab Govt has definitely left no stone unturned.

To expression of these foreign players while saying that they feel like coming second home tells the whole story of success.

Punjab Govt while playing vital role in making to hold such a big event of international worth has definitely make itself to be credited for building the image of Pakistan as whole.