Indian female boxers return rude cows given as awards by state govt


New Delhi, Jan. 6 (TNS): At least three of the six female boxers who received desi cows by Indian state of Haryana government for winning medals in the World Youth Women Boxing Championship, have returned their awards, Indian media reported on Saturday.

They have alleged the cows do not give milk, and are violent, according to the Hindustan Times.

In November last year, Haryana had decided to reward its women boxers, who won gold and bronze medals in the World Youth Women Boxing Championship in Guwahati, with an unusual gift – an Indian breed of cow- to each.

State Agriculture Minister Om Prakash Dhankar had then said, “All four gold medalists and two bronze medalists of World Youth Women Boxing Championship will be rewarded with one Indian breed cow each. With the milk of these cows they will play better and remain strong.”

Neetu, Sakshi, Jyoti and Shashi won gold medals each, while Anupama and Neha won bronze medals in various categories.

Family of Neetu returned their cow as it did not give milk. Family of Jyoti returned theirs because the cow was not just reluctant in giving milk but was violent too.

“When we were milking the cow the other day, it kicked Jyoti’s mother and she fractured her hand. We called a man from neighbourhood to see, but the cow attacked him too,” the HTreport quoted Dharambir Gulia, brother of boxer Jyoti as saying.

While two of them returned their awards as it did not give any milk and were aggressive and violent, Sakshi, the third gold medalist did not accept it in the first place due to lack of space in the house.