Indian held Kashmir base raid ends after 36 hours


Srinagar, Jan. (TNS): A marathon gun battle at a paramilitary base in Indian-administered Kashmir has ended after almost 36 hours with the killing of the last remaining gunman fighting off Indian security forces, Indian media reported on Monday.

The fighting at the Lethpora-based camp, in southern Kashmir, left five Indian soldiers and three fighters dead, according to officials.

The attack began in the early hours of Sunday when three rebels stormed the vast base, located next to a police commando training centre.

Having taken the camps’ guards by surprise, the attackers forced their way into the premises and took position inside the compound’s buildings.

An intense gun battle ensued, as hundreds of police, army and paramilitary soldiers rushed to the scene.

Shesh Paul Vaid, regional police chief, told Al Jazeera that the “operation … concluded” on Monday afternoon, almost 36 hours later, after security forces recovered the body of the third attacker.