Indian spy Yadev to meet his mother and wife today


ISLAMABAD, Dec 25 (TNS): India took up last minute Pakistan offer to arrange a meeting of its convicted spy Kulbhushan Yadev with his Mother and wife on humanitarian grounds.

Mother and wife of Yadev are due in Islamabad today. The will be accompanied by the official of Indian high commission Islamabad.

Jadhav was arrested in March 2016 and tried by a military court and sentenced to death.

The in-service Indian navy officer had confessed to be working against China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and creating unrest in Balochistan and parts of Pakistan on orders of the Indian intelligence agency.

Earlier today, it was reported that wife and mother of the spy were to arrive in Pakistan on a dedicated flight Sunday night and return today morning however, the flight could not get security clearance.

Pakistan had cautioned Indian government on Saturday over convicted spy as deadline for a response neared and Indian government was yet to approach Pakistan with a formal nod.

Indian government was warned on Saturday to reply in the issue by Saturday midnight otherwise the offer was to be withdrawn.

Foreign Office (FO) spokesperson Dr Faisal had stated on Saturday night that the meeting was confirmed on December 25.

In the statement, FO spokesperson told that India confirmed the plans of arrival of Jadhav’s mother and wife. They will arrive on December 25 and leave on the same day along with Indian Deputy High Commissioner (DHC).

“India informs that the mother and wife of Commander Jadhav will arrive by commercial flight on 25 Dec and leave the same day. Indian DHC in Islamabad will be the accompanying diplomat,” FO spokesperson tweeted.