India’s China-phobia might lead to strategic myopia


BEIJING, July 02 (TNS): Concerns over a rising China have, to some extent, spiraled into a kind of “strategic anxiety” regarding the country among some Indian politicians.

Their misleading, unfounded “China-phobia,” however, might lead to strategic myopia and hurt India’s own interests.

Harboring suspicion and apprehension toward China’s intention, India has recently decided to stay away from the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative, citing sovereignty concerns as its main reason.

The reason raised by India may be understandable, but staying away from the initiative is not the best choice New Delhi could have made.

It could have voiced its concerns and opinions on public occasions or in official statements as China is always willing to discuss all problems and possibilities with India on the basis of mutual benefits.

Actually, as Chinese officials have stressed on many occasions, the initiative, aimed at promoting economic cooperation and connectivity, has no connection with or impact on sovereignty issues.

Though proposed by China, the Belt and Road is not a “Chinese project.” It is a multilateral initiative, with win-win results at its core.

As many experts and analysts have pointed out, the Belt and Road provides a monumental opportunity for the win-win cooperation between India and China, which are quite complementary economically.