Iran-Pakistan trade on an upward trend



Tehran, July 31 (TNS): President of Iran-Pakistan Federation of Culture and Trade, Khawaja Habib ur Rehman said that Iran-Pakistan trade is on an upward trend and bilateral trade volume has reached $1.3 billion from $600 billion over past three years, Iranian state-run media reported here on Tuesday.

IRNA quoting statement of Khawaja reported that trade between the two countries would further improve as there are vast opportunities available to enhance bilateral trade ties.

Khawaja Habib ur Rehman said that next government of Pakistan will resume discussions with Iran on Free Trade Agreement as the caretaker government has voiced its inability to hold dialogue on the agreement.

He added that lack of banking channel is hampering trade between the two countries and the issue should be resolved on a prioritized basis.

Khawaja Habib ur Rehman further said that Iran and Pakistan through their close cooperation can change the fate of the region.

Pakistan trader stressed upon the need for early completion of Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline which would help Pakistan to overcome its energy woes.

He also called for re-launching passenger train service between Iran and Pakistan to enhance cultural ties.

Leaders of Iran and Pakistan have already agreed to take the bilateral trade volume upto $5 billion in five years.