Iran plans to increase electricity exports to Pakistan, Afghanistan


Kabul, April 8 (TNS): Iran is considering plans to increase electricity exports to Afghanistan and Pakistan by linking its power grid to the countries, Afgan media reported on Sunday.

“Given the fact that neighbouring countries, especially Afghanistan and Pakistan, need electricity, necessary measures should be adopted to link Iran’s power grid to theirs,” Davoud Manzour, deputy executive director of Iran Power Generation, Distribution and Transmission Company,said.

Afghanistan’s Ministry of Energy and Water said that talks with Tehran were ongoing in this regard, adding it had received Iranian companies proposals in the area of electricity infrastructure.

Reza Haidari, senior adviser at the Ministry of Energy and Water, said that electricity from Iran to border of province of Herat would increase by 40 megawatts.

Local officials in Herat welcomed plans to increase electricity exports to Afghanistan, adding it would boost industry in the country.

Power supply in Afghanistan remains vulnerable and the country is too reliant on imports.

80 percent of electricity in Afghanistan is supplied by central Asian countries and Iran.

Courtesy: 1News