JI chief Siraj-ul-Haq lashes out at ruling party


LAHORE, July 02 (TNS): Jamaat-e-Islami chief Siraj-ul-Haq said on Sunday that the nation has been forced to trade its honour and respect due to the current government’s policies.

Siraj –ul-Haq while addressing a convention said the nation needs to ponder on who is responsible for the deprivation of the country’s poor.

“The rulers are spending millions of rupees to show that Punjab has ‘improved’,” the JI chief said while lashing out at the ruling party. “But I am deeply saddened when I see people lying on the footpaths, living a deprived life.”

He stressed that the country’s rulers do not care about the government. The JI chief also remarked that corrupt individuals keep switching their political loyalties and stressed on the elimination of corruption from the country.