JIT member Irfan Mangi response to the second notice of NAB


Islamabad, June 20 (TNS): Iran Mangi, Joint Investigation Committee (JIT) member representing National Accountability Bureau (NAB), investigating the Panama case of Sharif’s family, replied to the second notice issued by NAB.

In the reply, Mangi has stated that the NAB should review the show-cause notice issue to him and withdraw it.

In his response he stated that I am carrying out my responsibilities in JIT as a responsible member. I meet the entire requirement to do my job at NAB, he further added that his employment at NAB is not against the law.

He further pointed in his reply that he had 14 years of experience before joining NAB and he is the holder of three gold medals for his outstanding performance.

With the court orders a special committee has been formulated to take the investigation forward. The committee will review the reply filed by Mangi and decide that if the investigation to be further forwarded or not.

According to the sources Mangi submitted his last response of the first show-cause on June, 17.

On May, 31 NAB has given notice to Mangi to submit his reply within 15 days. And the notice stated that this is last opportunity for Mangi to defend himself.

Earlier, NAB issued a show-cause notice for Mangi’s removal from service on April 25 and surprisingly after two days an official who was under notice facing removal from service was recommended for inclusion in the JIT on April 27.