Kabul protest exposes Afghan-India nexus; 7 protesters killed


Kabul June 3 (TNS): Thousands of Afghans took to the streets in Kabul on the second consecutive day on Saturday against the Afghan government for failing to stem the deadly wave of bombings that has been wreaking havoc with life and property with impunity.

A recent bomb blast near the Kabul’s diplomatic zone had left more than 100 people dead and 450 injured. Soon after the blast, the Afghan government without any concrete evident pointed the fingers at the Taliban and the Haqqani Network, indirectly putting the blame on Pakistan as being their main backer. Interestingly, the Taliban vehemently denied their involvement in the gruesome blast, warning the government to brace for consequences if it harmed its arrested members. None of the Afghans subscribed to the claim of the Afghan government and passing the bug on the militant group and Pakistan without evidence.

Thousands of Afghans including professionals, students and civic activists staged a protest in Kabul, chanting anti-government and anti-Ashraf Ghani slogans. The relative peaceful anti-government protest spiralled into a deadly street battle after security forces opened fire and used armoured vehicles to chase demonstrators. In the ensuing clash, at seven people were killed, 10 others injured.

Security forces opened fire with mostly warning shots in the air after the protesters tried to reach the gates of Ghani’s Palace.

Consistently, the Afghan government, at the behest of its newly found friend India, has been blaming Pakistan for the malaise in the war-torn country despite the fact that the latter has extended friendly overtures to the former, and by taking on the saboteurs and militants hiding along the porous border. After the denial of the Taliban behind the recent blast, the citizens flatly blamed the Afghan government for being behind the blast. The venomous conspiracy and nexus of the Ashraf Ghani government and the Indian spy agency RAW to indict Pakistan was exposed by none other than the Afghans themselves after they refuted the Afghan government’s baseless claim of Pakistan and Taliban being behind every malady in the war-torn country. Pakistan, on its part, has started fencing a large portion of the 25-kilometr-long porous border to discourage the recurrent movement and infiltration of militants on both sides of the border.

India, on the other hand, has set up consulates almost in each district of Afghanistan to carry out sabotage activities in Pakistan by offering financial assistance and armed training to Afghan citizens and militants belonging to the banned Tahreek-e-Taliban militants.

Recently, the former spokesperson of the banned TTT, Ahsanullah Ahsan disclosed that the TTP leadership hiding in Nangahar province of Afghanistan were directly in touch with the Afghan National Army and Indian spy agency RAW, and every attack they carry out inside Pakistan, is orchestrated by the two spy agencies.

The Afghan government’s shifting of responsibility by putting the blame on Pakistan was exposed by none other than the Afghans themselves, who have realized that it was their government, which, in collusion with RAW, itself has carried out the blast in Kabul to blame Pakistan, which also strongly condemned the explosion and expressed its deep condolence to the bereaved families.