Karachi continues to reel under sizzling heat


Three-decade heat record in October shattered

KARACHI Oct 12 (TNS): The hot weather persisted in the provincial capital on Thursday as the temperature is expected to reach around 40 degrees centigrade, weather experts warned.

The port city is under grip of hot weather conditions for last six days.

The predicted maximum temperature for Thursday is 41 degrees centigrade with a minimum temperature of 23 degrees centigrade, according to international weather forecasting website.

The maximum temperature in the month of October in Karachi has been recorded 36 degrees centigrade, according to MET department records. However, this is the first time in last three decades that the city temperature has pushed the mercury between 38 to 40 degrees for past one week.

According to the spokesperson of the Pakistan Meteorological department –Abdul Rashid – the sea breeze along the coastline of Pakistan has been reduced due to the low pressure in the Arabian Sea off the Indian coast.

“So far, there is a moderate heat wave condition in the city,” Rashid informed media.

Moreover, the Metrological department has advised the citizens to take extra-precautionary steps by avoiding the sun during peak hours.

However, no heatstroke cases were reported during this time as the MET office had ruled out a possibility of people experiencing heatstroke during this warm and dry period in the metropolis. “We do not expect people to undergo such conditions,” Rashid had then said.