Kerala floods punishment for eating cows: says hardliner Hindu leader


Kochi, Aug. 29 (TNS): While a southern Indian state is reeling from a catastrophic deluge, the leader of a hard-line Hindu organisation has appealed to the government and Hindus in general not to provide relief to survivors who eat beef, Indian media reported on Wednesday.

Swami Chakrapani Maharaj, the president of the All India Hindu Mahasaba, a hardline Hindu nationalist organisation, was apparently referring to the Muslim and Christian communities as cows are a revered animal among Hindus.

According to India’s, monsoon-induced devastating floods have swamped Kerala state, killing an estimated 400 people. Another 1.3 million have been displaced seeking refuge in relief camps where they subsist on donations.

Chakrapani recently said in a video message aired by India Today that those who slaughter cows and consume its meat should not be given relief of any sort.

While Catholic groups have poured in to help, with 41 dioceses in the state opening schools and other institutions to accommodate survivors, Chakrapani said it would be a “major sin to give any relief and support to those flood sufferers who are beef eaters”.

“Before giving any assistance, one should ask the victim whether they have ever eaten cow meat, and then in accordance with their answer, relief should be decided on,” he added in the message.

Aid can only be dispensed to beef-eating flood victims who consent to sign a legally binding form promising they will refrain from consuming beef for the rest of their lives, he added.

“It is not just because of some untimely monsoon. The state of Kerala has been stuck with nature’s fury because of the sins of beef eaters,” Chakrapani. “All this has happened because of them,” he added.