Kirmani questions JIT for ‘hiring law firm’ to probe London flats


Islamabad July 3 (TNS): While expressing reservations on the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) probing the Panama Papers case, Prime Minister’s adviser Asif Kirmani said on Monday that the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz wanted justice in the case.

“We want justice. We have reservations on the ongoing investigation of the JIT. The trail of London flats does not originate or lead to Raiwand rather it is Qatar. The Qatari prince has given an option to the JIT to record his statement in Doha. The Qatari has owned the letter, which he had issued to the Sharif family. The JIT must travel to Qatar to record his statement,” Kirmani said while talking to the media outside the Federal Judicial Academy where he has camped along with a large number of party workers and leaders while the prime minister’s younger son is recording his statement before the JIT. Karmani said that the Qatari prince is not a Pakistani citizen and he will not come and appear before the JIT.

Kirmani also said that the royal family member has requested the JIT to record his statement but they have not done so.

He also mentioned that without the Qatari prince’s statement, the JIT report is incomplete and the prince’s letter is part of the Panama Paper case.

Karmani lashed out at detractors including the PTI chief Imran Khan accusing him of hatching conspiracies to derail democracy and hamper development.

He also questioned the summoning of prime minister’s cousin Tariq Shafi by the JIT for the second time.

He questioned why the JIT has hired a law firm to investigate the money trail of the Sharif family in London. “For this purpose, the JIT must have offered a huge sum for the law firm to get documents related to the Sharif family’s business asset. This is an extra burden on the taxpayers’ money,” he said adding that the same documents were available with the Supreme Court.