KP University bans boys and girls from sitting together


PESHAWAR Dec 25 (TNS): The Bacha Khan University in Charsadda has imposed ban on mixed gender gatherings at the premises and warned students of ‘penalty’ if they violated the rule. The notification in this regard was issued earlier this month.

According to reports, the university has warned that male and female students were not allowed to sit or walk together on the campus. “Violators will be penalised without any further warning.”

Reports cited university’s chief proctor Dr Mohammad Shakeel as saying that the policy was aimed at ensuring that students don’t waste their time. “They sit around idle and do nothing. That is why the university administration has decided to ban mixed gender gatherings,” he said.

Alongside ban on mixed gender gatherings, the varsity also banned wearing of Chadar by boys, smoking, sitting on the roof, fooling with newcomers and wandering at the campus.

It is reported that fines have been imposed on 13 students for smoking, while five have been punished for sitting on the roof and other four to five students were fined for violating other disciplinary codes.

Regarding ban on the shawl, Dr. Shakeel said that it was a security measure.

About the punishments, the chief proctor said that these will be decided on case-to-case bases. If the violation is quite very serious, then the matter will be referred to the university disciplinary committee who are empowered to expel students.