Kulsoom Nawaz not being shifted to US: Sharif family


London, Sept 07 (TNS): Sharif family has rejected rumors which suggested that Kulsoom Nawaz was all set to be treated in United States.

“Begum Kulsoom Nawaz will not be going to America for treatment as doctors have advised that her treatment for throat cancer can continue in London”, local media quoting Sharif family reported.

There was concern that Kulsoom Nawaz might be referred to doctors in America, hence, preparations were made to deal with the eventuality as the Sharif family waited for the final advice of cancer specialists treating her.

Nawaz Sharif and family also obtained American visas in case Kulsoom Nawaz was referred for further treatment in the United States.

The Sharif family applied for American visas last week and were issued visas this week by the American embassy in London.

The decision to apply for American visas was made after doctors treating Kulsoom Nawaz for lymphoma cancer told the family that there is a possibility that she could be recommended for advanced treatment in America as the doctors waited for tests results.