Lady constable gang-raped by fellow officers in Bahawal Nagar


Bahawal Nagar April 27, (TNS): A woman constable was allegedly gang-raped by her fellow cops on Friday who worked for Bahawal Nagar Punjab Police.

According to a report of the city police station, Chistiyan, victim Nagina Kausar was at home when head constable Faheem called her to the police station as a woman arrested.

When Kausar went to the police station the head constable took her to a house in the pretext that the female detainee was there. When they arrived there, Assistant Sub Inspector Kashif was already there intoxicated.

They offered her something to drink, after drinking that she went to an unconscious condition and they subjected to the gang-rape against them.

A case was filed against the police under section 376, while an investigation is underway.