LAHORE (TNS): PML-N unanimously rejects JIT report


LAHORE July 13 (TNS): PML-N has unanimously rejected the JIT report as it is based on concocted facts so it is misleading the nation, said the provincial law minister Rana Sanaullah at a press conference held here on Thursday.

He said PML-N will challenge the JIT report in Supreme Court as PM Nawaz Sharif has served the nation with dedication, honesty and sincerity.

“We all pay tribute to him for his contribution to the progress and prosperity of the country. The entire PML-N stands firmly behind him. JIT inquiry has failed to taint Nawaz Sharif’s reputation,” he added.

Terming Imran Khan as “ilzaam Khan” Sanaullah said: “Imran’s efforts to remove the PM will not succeed. If the nation showed the desire that the PM should resign, he would quit of his own.”

JIT report mentioned facts and figures which are very difficult to prove. JIT report is based just on hypothesis.