Large quantity of weapons recovered from Khyber/NW Agencies


RAWALPINDI, June 22 (TNS): FC Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa recovered a large  quantity of weapons and ammunition Wednesday night from Akka Khel , Guli Khel & Ghaibi  Nokia  areas of  Khyber agency during an Intelligence based operations, the Inter Service Public Relations (ISPR) said Thursday morning. The recoveries include Sub Machine Guns, prepared IEDs and fuses.

The operations were part of the drive by the security agencies to keep the tribal areas free of terrorists and arms being smuggled into the area for terrorist activities. Earlier on Wednesday, a huge cache of weapons was recovered in the intelligence based operations carried out by security forces in Wazirstan Agency.

The ISPR said the security forces carried out operations in village Maidankai of South Wazirstan Agency & village Zarkai of North Wazirstan Agency as they recovered huge ammunition and arms in the process. Recovered weapons during the operations included light machine guns, 12.7mm machine guns, RPG7s, SMGs, grenades, rifles, pistols, explosive boxes, anti personal mines and daggers. Ammunition calibre ammunition including RPG7 rockets, 14.5 mm rounds, ammunition boxes of 12.7mm guns, 12 bore rifle rounds as well as heavy and small machine gun rounds.