Lawyers allegedly resort to hooliganism inside court room


Lahore June 21 (TNS): A large group of lawyers, claimed to be supporters of Maqsood Butter, allegedly attacked the young lawyers appearing in Lahore High Court on behalf of Asma Jehanghir, who was representing a poor woman whose daughter was allegedly kidnapped or possibly killed some six months ago.

Police are still unable to locate the whereabouts of the kidnapped woman and her child and the victim’s family alleges an influential lawyer might be behind the “mysterious disappearance” of the two.

Ayesha Bibi along with her two-year-old son is reportedly missing from 30th November 2016. According to her mother, a clerk of prominent lawyer Maqsood Buttar took Ayesha and her son with him on the pretext of taking her to her estranged husband, Maqsood Buttar, who had allegedly called up Ayesha and instructed her to come and visit him.

Ayesha’s mother claimed that her 26-year-old daughter was working in the office of lawyer Maqsood Buttar who later married her and gave birth to a baby boy, who is two years old. She claimed that her daughter was often mistreated by her husband and she often spoke of irreconcilable differences with her husband Buttar.

According to her mother statement, Ayesha and her two-year-old son had been living in a flat located in Model Town Lahore. “It was November 30, 2016, when I visited my daughter’s residence in Model Town. There were no traces of her and my grandson,” she claimed. “It’s been almost seven months now and the two are still missing, I fear they are gone forever. On the day of her disappearance, Ayesha came to my house and left with Buttar’s clerk,” she claimed.

She also alleged her son-in-law had even tried to kill Ayesha by pushing her off a cliff near Murree due to which she suffered severe injuries and multiple fractures. The victim’s brother claimed that his family is receiving death threats from the accused.

The complainant has been running around for justice till November last year with no success and police have not even started the investigation.

The case is being heard in the Lahore High Court. Justice Abdul Sammi Khan summoned the DIG investigation yesterday when Asma Jahangir appeared before her to enquire about the status of investigation and police actions against those named in the FIR. While DIG was recording his statement to the judge, a large number of lawyers entered in the courtroom chanting slogans against Asma Jahangir, the mother of “missing” girl, NGOs and started beating young lawyers’ team of Asma Jahangir. They also thrashed the old mother of ‘missing” Ayesha and her young son in the presence of the judge.

They also allegedly threatened the legal team of Asma Jahangir of dire consequences once they see them outside the court. The young lawyer’s and victim’s family were taken out of court premises under strict police protection as the lawyers allegedly gathered outside the courtroom threatening them.