Lawyers announce support for CJP


Lahore April 6 (TNS): Lawyers on Friday announced to come out in support of Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar against the forces who have unleashed a vilification campaign against him over his judicial activism.
Speaking at a function arranged by the Lahore High Court Bar Association, the lawyers’ leaders claimed that the chief justice and the Supreme Court have emerged as the hope of ray for the marginalized and suppressed people and they will not tolerate any attempt to pressurize the superior judiciary.
They said that certain forces and faces were openly criticizing the apex judiciary and the chief justice over his judicial activism, which they claimed, was the demand of the day.
They said that the chief justice was being criticized for political gains but the top judge must note that the lawyers were with him and the judiciary.

They said that the lawyers will take to the streets if the judges and the judiciary were criticized and pressured to get the required results.
They said that they will continue to support the judiciary and the chief justice and no dictation or criticism of the judiciary will be tolerated.